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You’re thinking about your next event and you’re wondering how you’ll make it special, boy you’re at the right place. By gathering and organizing local talent, we’ve made it simple to find that special something people will remember.

You’re done asking your friends on Facebook

Anyone knows a good DJ for this, anyone knows a good photographer for that. It’s over.

We’ve made it simple


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Narrow down your search to filter out the type, the genre and even the price of talent that best suits you.


Find what you’re looking for

Browse to the different profiles to see their work and discover talents you’ve never seen before.


Plan your event

Use your built-in form to contact talents directly to book them for your venue.

We have it all

Our experience in event making helped us to gather the most important features of an event


Need a DJ, a signer, a band, or even a danser? You can find him or her on feaster


Need one or multiple photographers and videographers? You can also find them on feaster.


Need a host, a celebrity or even a comedian for your venue? The answer is still yes...

A bit about feaster

“I was tired of having a hard time booking talents for my events, so I built my own solution.”

- Alex

Serial entrepreneur Alexandre Kenol started his career by creating LF5E, the very first Futsal league in the north shore of Montreal. After years of operations he aknowledged that his true passion wasn’t necessarily soccer events but rather the concept of gathering people. It was so big that he chose to lauch GEAK - an event organisation company. This is when he really felt the pain of finding good talents for his venues.

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